Focus on WhatsApp in Marketing Cloud

WhatsApp in Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud release announced the ability to send messages to customers via WhatsApp using the Chat Messaging feature

5 types of coupon and how to use them

5 coupon emails and when to use them?

Everyone loves a good deal of course… but the way you incorporate coupons in your marketing strategy should be studied thoroughly.

How to build the perfect coupon email

How to build the perfect coupon email

According to a study, emails containing coupons see a 48% increase in revenue per email. Find out how to add coupons to your email marketing!

Let’s talk about Mobile Wallet Marketing

Lately we are talking even more about the mobile wallet marketing. But what is this and how is it affecting marketers?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Package Manager

Ask a pro: SFMC Package Manager

How do you optimize your Salesforce Marketing Cloud multi-BUs projects? At CEZIUM we use the Package Manager.

CEZIUM : la start-up qui verticalise le marketing sur Salesforce

Interview avec Mounir Nejjai, l’un des trois fondateurs de cezium, qui évoque lors de cet entretien les forces en présence de l’entreprise.

Ask a pro: Changes for Apple Mail

With iOS 15 Apple will offer an option, which can be enabled, called Mail Privacy Protection in the Mail app.

Datorama Reports

Ask a pro: Datorama Reports

The January 2021 release announced a new way to analyze your data in Marketing Cloud: Datorama Reports.

Interaction Studio : Genesys

Ask a pro: Interaction Studio ‘Genesys’

From its genesis to its positioning in the Salesforce ecosystem, you will know everything about Interaction Studio.

SFMC Content Builder vs. Dartagnan

Email Builder: Content Builder vs Dartagnan

Cezium compares the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Content Builder module with the now renowned Dartagnan tool.

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