It’s Gift season!

Even if you’re not a retailer, you may send your customers Gift Cards.

A vast majority will create Claim Codes on Amazon and then send them via Email.

Unique codes.

If you’re being late, you’re just trying to figure out how to match these codes with your subscribers in Email Studio…

But you don’t have time to learn AmpScript… and try and use that Claimrow function. So what now?

Our Appexchange Voucherz allows you to upload and send these codes in minutes.

1. Upload your codes

Go to your Voucherz app:


Create a New Voucher Pool and choose the Upload option:

Upload your csv file and Save.

You’re done!

2. Add your codes in your email

Open your email.

Drag-and-drop your Voucherz Content Block:


Select your Voucher Pool and the display you desire.

Believe me or not, that’s all you need to do: Voucherz will automatically retrieve codes and affect them to your customers. One code per customer.

3. How do I send the code again?

If you want to send the same code a second time to the same customer, open your email.

Drag-and-drop Voucherz Content Block.

Select your Voucher Pool and click the Resend voucher button:


Now it’s over.

Closing words

A Gift Card is a great conversion booster, make sure redemption is easy.

If it’s your first time, read our blog post about crafting great coupon emails.

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