Salesforce meets Social: Connecting Ad Platforms!

Discover seamless Salesforce integration for social media advertising. Learn to connect with platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok for effective lead generation and audience targeting with our expert Salesforce tips.

Everything you need to know about: TikTok Lead Ads integration wi...

What's TikTok Lead Ads app for? How do I install and use it? What are the pre-requisites and limitations? What are the Salesforce Marketing Cloud features?

Supercharge Your Black Friday Campaign with TikTok: Leveraging Fi...

Black Friday is a war et TikTok a weapon of choice. Fuel it with your Salesforce Marketing Cloud first-party data and maximize profits.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Audience Matching with TikTok: What yo...

The essentials of Salesforce Marketing Cloud audience matching with TikTok Ads and how it can supercharge your marketing efforts

How to send Calendar Links for your events with Marketing Cloud

With CalendarZ users can create calendar links and easily drag-and-drop them in their emails.

How to send unique coupon Codes using WhatsApp Messages in Salesf...

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, brands can use WhatsApp as a messaging channel to communicate with their customers.

Salesforce Einstein vs. OpenAI's ChatGPT

ChatGPT vs Einstein for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Seems like Marc Benioff himself is seduced by what OpenAI came up with this time! But what about Einstein for Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

How to use Amazon Gift Card Codes in Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

It's Gift season! You may send your customers Gift Cards... Our Appexchange Voucherz allows you to upload and send these codes in minutes.

What is Salesforce Loyalty Management?

Loyalty Management (LM) is one of the latest Salesforce Products. It’s built on Core and is meant to be an “end-to-end loyalty platform”.

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