Salesforce Einstein vs. OpenAI's ChatGPT

Will there be a contest?

Seems like Marc Benioff himself is seduced by what OpenAI came up with this time!

AI is not new in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Einstein Web recommendations and Email recommendations are GA for 5-6 years now…

There has been a tremendous focus on AI with Customer 360 Audiences and Personalization Builder.

AI features are everywhere in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Send Time Optimization.
  • Path Optimizer.
  • And the list goes on.

That being said, Einstein’s features lack adoption.

Customers are excited about it during presales.

Talk about it all the time during framing.

And sometimes during projects, the subject just vanishes (usually STO is the sole survivor)…



Implementation effort? Consulting Partner skills? Missing use-cases?


Before answering, let’s have a look at ChatGPT.

What happened?

OpenAI came up with the technology.

Users registered.

Users tested the tool.

Users came up with use cases.

That’s a game-changer. That’s the game changer. You got user adoption even before proposing use cases.


If we get back to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the main reason why customers are excited about AI during pre-sales is that they see it as the key to unlocking automation.

Then they start using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and need new skills to use AI components that add features but don’t simplify their daily tasks.

Closing words

So yes, we agree with Marc Benioff, we need a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement ChatGPT.

We need a ChatGPT to guide users within the platform.

We need a ChatGPT to put words on dashboards.

We need a ChatGPT to propose personalized content.

Well, in fact, we need to be able to use OpenAI products within Salesforce… and let us build our tools!

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