How to send unique coupon Codes using WhatsApp Messages in Salesf...

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, brands can use WhatsApp as a messaging channel to communicate with their customers.

Alltricks' marketing life with coupons

Alltricks’ marketing life with coupons

Benoît, from Alltricks, told us about their current martech stack and how they use coupon codes in their marketing strategy.

5 types of coupon and how to use them

5 coupon emails and when to use them?

Everyone loves a good deal of course… but the way you incorporate coupons in your marketing strategy should be studied thoroughly.

How to build the perfect coupon email

How to build the perfect coupon email

According to a study, emails containing coupons see a 48% increase in revenue per email. Find out how to add coupons to your email marketing!

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