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Who are you? I’m Benoît, 31, and I’ve been working with Alltricks for 5 years now. At first as CRM Manager, responsible for Newsletters, Website commercial animation and transactional emails / journeys. Recently I extended my scope to e-merchandising.

What is your current martech stack?

  • Email integration: Dartagnan
  • Routing: Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Segmentation: Tinyclues + in-house capabilities
  • Coupon codes: Voucherz

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Tinyclues and Voucherz have been “live” for 18 months now.

How do you use coupons in your marketing strategy?

There are different use cases that we address using coupons.

  • Abandoned cart journeys

    Like many retailers, we add coupon codes to our abandoned cart journeys. Not in the first email following the event though but in the second one, 24h after the first one. Also, a filter is applied, a customer won’t get a discount every time he abandons his cart.
    Those emails have pretty nice results: around 50% open rate and 25% CTR.

  • More than retention

    We also keep an eye on migrations within our customer segmentation.
    “Negative migrations” receive a coupon code to try and pull them back into their previous segment. That’s a way to work on retention from the start.
    It’s a pretty efficient weapon: as an example, our “lost cause” segment has around 10% open rate on those emails.
    On the customer segmentation topic, we obviously reward our best customers with coupons as well. It can’t be just a retention tool.

  • Premium subscription renewal

    Coupon codes are also used as an incentive for our “Premium” subscription renewal which is not automatic. We chose not to renew automatically, which is great in terms of removing customer friction points but on the other hand we have to monitor renewal.
    As a matter of fact, a customer won’t renew until he’s willing to buy something: coupons are the perfect answer.

  • External coupon codes

    Another use-case addressing Premium subscribers: we insert external coupon codes from third-party partners within some emails. So, we have internally created and redeemed coupons but also external coupons which will be redeemed with a partner.

  • Birthday journey

    Last use-case is the birthday journey, in which we offer a gift card to our customers.

Alltricks' promo codes

What piece of advice would you give to a marketer who wants to get started with coupon emails?

Well, mainly 2 things:

Dealing with codes across an organization can quickly get messy if you create too much of them. So first, work on your segments and be precise.

Second thing to keep in mind is, as always in marketing I shall say, to test everything: coupons? Gift cards? Amount of money? Percentage? If you want to be successful, you must test what you are doing.


What’s in your roadmap on the martech side?

We’re planning to use Mobile Wallets to be able to use coupon codes in-store. Kind of the missing piece of the puzzle.


Do you also want to use coupon codes in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Start a free trial of VoucherZ now:

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