We, Marketers, all want to make waves on social media and snag leads that actually convert. We’re living in a world where social media isn’t just social anymore; it’s a goldmine for us.


And guess what? Salesforce is your trusty pickaxe.


It’s all about hooking up with the right platforms and letting the tech do the heavy lifting. Whether you’re crafting the perfect journey, chasing after look-alikes (no, not doppelgängers), or just keeping an eagle eye on your ad spend, Salesforce is your not-so-secret weapon.


Let’s dive into how you can plug into this power for each of your ad-tastic needs. Spoiler alert: it’s easier than you think and cooler than you expect. Buckle up!

Lead Generation

With Marketing Cloud Engagement

  • Channels: Facebook Ads, Google Lead Ads
    • Use the Lead Capture app available on Appexchange for free to directly capture leads into Marketing Cloud.
  • Channels: TikTok Ads

If you want to know more about TikTok Lead Generation Integration, read this blog.

With Sales Cloud

Audience Matching

With Marketing Cloud Engagement

  • Channels: Meta (Facebook/Instagram), Google, X, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest
    • MC Advertising is a paid service that streamlines audience matching across multiple channels. (Reach out to your Salesforce AE for more)
  • Channel: TikTok & Meta (Facebook/Instagram)
    • Again, Cezium Ads (by Cezium) offers a paid service for audience matching with TikTok and Meta.

If you want to know more about Audience Matching, read this blog.

With Data Cloud

  • Channels: Meta, Google Ads, Amazon Ads

    • Ad Audiences is a paid feature that helps you match your audience across these major ad platforms.

Automatic Audience Refresh

With Marketing Cloud Engagement

Refresh your audiences automatically across platforms like Meta, Google, X, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest using the paid MC Advertising service. TikTok Ad Audiences also allows for automatic audience refresh for TikTok Ads.

Journey Builder Ad Audience Integration

Integrate ad audiences directly into your customer journey using MC Advertising for channels such as Meta, Google, and others. For TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, use Cezium Ads.

Journey Builder Ad Campaign Creation

  • Channels: Facebook
    • Use MC Advertising to seamlessly create and manage Facebook ad campaigns.

Look-Alike Audience Creation

Create audiences similar to your best customers on Facebook and TikTok using the paid services of MC Advertising and Cezium, respectively.

Ad Audience Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your ad audiences across various channels, including Meta, Google, and TikTok, with MC Advertising and MC Intelligence—both paid services.

Connecting your Salesforce with social ad platforms can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. By choosing the right tools for your specific needs, you can ensure that your campaigns are targeted, efficient, and effective. Start integrating these solutions today and watch your marketing success soar.

Want to add TikTok to your Marketing Strategy?

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