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It is more important than ever for companies, especially B2B, to deliver timely and highly personalized interactions. A marketing automation solution like Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the first logical step but only begins to scratch the surface.

The problem is that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is missing a proper lead scoring solution. In this article, we’ll go over the types of lead scoring processes, the impact of lead scoring, and how to implement proper lead scoring in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The Impact of Lead Scoring

Lead scoring has a plethora of great benefits. Some examples include: shortening marketing and sales cycles, improving lead handover, lead acceptance rate, and more. Lead scoring gives your marketers and sales reps a better idea of a lead’s interest and buying stage; allowing them to make timely contact when leads are hot. Without lead scoring, it can be hard to “feel” your customers as Philip Schweizer, CEO of SalesWings, says here, “…digital marketing provides great reach and benefits, [but] the lack of sensing the client made it hard to provide that level of timely, personal interactions.”

Lead scoring gives your marketers and sales reps a glimpse into the eyes of your leads. With these insights, it is a breeze to target leads with highly personalized, timely, and targeted interactions. Your marketing automation efforts can greatly benefit from lead scoring by utilizing the data that is captured. With the rich data that is captured, you can create personalized tracks for leads—shortening the customers’ path to purchase.

Point-Based Lead Scoring

A point-based lead scoring system lets sales and marketing managers define their own rules and conditions for activities that increase or decrease lead scores. Point-based lead scoring is the traditional method of lead scoring. It is easy to implement and offers quick results. For example, a pricing page may be “worth” 20 points, while a career page deducts 15 points.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive lead scoring indicates a lead’s likeliness to buy based on an automated or human-trained algorithm. Predictive lead scoring takes in numerous data points such as market signals, CRM data, lead activity, and more to compute a score. Predictive lead scoring looks at a lead’s past interaction with your brand across the internet, their correlation to opportunity win rates, and then provides the predictive score.

Profile or Fit Scoring

Sales reps and marketers know which personas fit your business offering. Profile-based lead scoring allows for quick lead routing using automated workflows. For example, a university can use profile base lead scoring to send parents of prospective students on a “cost of X university” journey while sending the student down a journey highlighting the amenities and experiences the university offers. Profile lead scoring allows businesses to send highly personalized and timely content to the right personas.

How to Implement No-Code Lead Scoring within SFMC

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is missing proper lead scoring. A custom-built solution is an option, but it is very timely and resource-consuming. SalesWings on the other end is a plug-and-play solution that you can find on the AppExchange

SalesWings is a no-code and quick-to-implement lead scoring solution for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. They offer plug-and-play 360° customer journey tracking including real-time website tracking, campaign, and content tracking as well as flexible custom event tracking. With their rule builder system and Google Tag Manager integration, marketing managers can design scores in minutes.

SalesWings lead scoring for Marketing Cloud rule builder
SalesWings lead scoring for Marketing Cloud rule builder.

Closing Words

In summary, lead scoring is a powerful tool that can supercharge any company’s marketing automation processes. With lead scoring, your company is sure to see boosts in lead acceptance rate, see shorter marketing and sales cycles, and improved lead handover. If you are interested in quickly deploying a best-of-breed lead scoring system—look no further than SalesWings.

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