Summer is over.

Some are still recovering from Oktoberfest.

But we’ve been busy. Consumers are picky this year and marketers are on the front line…

We get it. Conversions are demanded.

You need these emails to perform. This season more than ever. You need to create that urge to click.

You need to drive consumers to your stores on Black Friday.

You have to get them to your website on Cyber Monday.

And they have to feel that scarcity… to feel that they will lose something, a great deal, if they don’t seize the moment.

So how can we help you?


Vouchers, vouchers, voucherz... everywhere!

Voucherz, our first app, is Coupon codes in Marketing Cloud, in minutes: No IT needed, no project nor consulting partner… and no time!

You want to send unique coupon codes, you can create them and drop them in your emails in less than 2 minutes.

What’s new there:

  • Codes creation: you can create or upload codes but also… couples composed of a subkey and a code so that the code is reserved.
  • You can retrieve generated codes from a third-party solution using API (till now, the only option was csv file upload).
  • Regarding codes, you can now display 3 formats:
    1. Text Codes: easy to use online
    2. QR Codes: easy scan in-store and keeps unicity
    3. Bar-codes: in-store for those not yet able to manage unique codes at check out.

Tick Tock... The clock is ticking...

If you combine a promotion with a deadline… that’s where you add scarcity…

If you combine Calendarz with Voucherz, you can add a Countdown in your email!

All drag-and-drop again.

Remind your customer that the offer will expire. It’s time to buy!!

NFT Cloud announced

Cezium also adds a limited offer:

If you use the code CZ-BFCM-22 here, you’ll get a link to a Private Appexchange Listing…

And be able to use Memez and add (personalized!) text over an image in Content Builder for 6 weeks at 0$.

Memez is offered when a brand buys Voucherz + Calendarz.

If your brand is fun enough, you can create Memes using your customer data 😆

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